Our Team

We work with the best in and around the Cannabis and Events industry building a team for each event from scratch. We work with diffrent promoters and venues depending on the diffrent events needs and wants. We have been in and out of all the loopholes and grey areas around events and can advise you in so many ways on how to make your event successfull and keep it safe and fun.

Our Story

We started doing events all the way back with Keef Cola at the small bar off 8th and Mariposa in 2010 then after leaving Keef and going out on our own we have hosted events like the MMJ Meet and Greets, Danksgiving, 7/10 Sesh and the 4/20 Concentrate Cups from 2011 till now. We have worked with venues from the Oriental Theater, The Atzlan, Cervantes, Many Warehouse Spaces and Galleries and even private homes. It has been 8 years and over 150 events and we are still here and going strong!

Next Steps...

Give us a call or shoot us in Email at Denver420events@gmail.com our team is always ready to help!