Event Coordination / Consulting

We help you behind the scenes, with social media and common questions and issues that may arise. We also help you estimate how much of everything you will need for the event (chairs, pizzas, grams of concentrate) from our years of experience in with many, many events! This is our most affordable option, contact us for pricing by the event or hourly.

Hosting and Coordinating Event

All the same amazing benefits of having us as your event coordinator/consultant but also day of the event I am there in person to handle any issues and fill in any gaps in the venue staff or event staff. Work as a single point of contact so I can sweat the little things and you can enjoy your amazing event you've worked so hard with me to plan! Pricing for this service is similar to event coordination pricing plus my fee is added for the day of event on top of the base pricing.

Full service, Hands off, we do it ALL!

Just like our hosting and coordinating service but you only get a call when absolutely necessary and we take care of every detail after our first initial appointment. We keep you updated on details via email to your group so you never need to be bothered even if other people in your event team need info. Your phone stays free and open to do your work, we take care of your party in every way. You just show up and have a great time. Just like our hosting rate just a small premium for FULL SERVICE!


Bare bones events all the way to 5* culinary experiences with the best around every corner!

We can work with any budget to get you the best bang for your buck and the most amazing event everyone will be talking about for weeks or months till your next one! Give us a call!

Next Steps...

Call, text or email us and get the ball rolling!!! 303-881-0148